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Today I had an eye opening kind of day.  I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong in making my alter ego’s blog, not so much this one, make income for myself. Yes. I’m also using my alter ego as a pen name for the books that I’m working on.  The reason I was trying to figure out why, was I wasn’t making income is that the goal was for me to quit my day job and work from home. 

As of late, my head will not stop running about the books that I’m writing about, and all while I’m at work trying to do the job I was hired for.  Every hour or two, I’m sneaking on the web to see how the blog is doing and looking at my phone for twitters updates.  It’s driving me mad. I feel so driven to write, and the job that I’ve been blessed with is also a curse; holding me back 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week, and away from my family.

Have you ever felt that way?

Like the very thing that is providing for you, is what is killing you.  Since August, I’ve been striving to get the word out and using every social media outlet possible to get the alter ego out there, but I guess at the same time, I knew it would take time and patience to get this going.

Well to get to the point, I’ve found out, that it can take up to a year to really get a blog going with plenty of follower or views that are needed to generate income. It did only take my alter ego’s blog about a week to get approved to post ads; which was very exciting.  From research, it can take up to 6 months Google AdSense, for some users to get approval. Bonus points for me and my working it, but even with that, the big thing was give it time before you even think about making money.  If you ever notice, a lot of blogs that I just randomly look through, gave up after a few months; probably feeling like it was pointless and/or not realizing the amount of work it takes to actually blog (even if it is about nothing).

What keeps me going to make this work is my family. I want to be home, bring in more income, and be more readily available; flexible.  The reason I say flexible, is that this would simply turn into another job, but I can do it from home.  Again, from research, you need to be able to sit for 8 to 10 hours a day to write.  This can somewhat apply to blogging too. One needs to network and promote it to succeed.

With this all being said, I’m not going to lose hope and I’m going to keep on fighting.  Why else would God bless me with these abilities, only for me to waste them, because I’m impatient? I don’t think so!

How about you? What’s your Achilles Heel?

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